Friday, July 22, 2011

Show Spotlight: TMI With Aldous Tyler

TMI with Aldous Tyler presents news, views, and interviews that the corporate-controlled mainstream media misses. The show airs Saturdays at noon.

Get to know Aldous Tyler
  • Imported from Detroit, Aldous now calls Madison his hometown
  • Three historical figures he would like to interview would be (after "limiting to English-speaking people for interview purposes") Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, and astronomist/ cosmologist Carl Sagan
  • His preferred super hero powers are teleportation and time travel
  • Always with WSUM on his mind, outside of the station he likes to prepare for his next episode  
Get to Know TMI with Aldous Tyler

Aldous begins every show (after coming in with the ID, PSA, and Disclaimer) with his theme, "Too Much Information," by Duran Duran. Each show is comprised of three, fifteen-minute segments separated by song breaks.

On producing TMI, Aldous describes his motivation as, "Knowing that I'm making a difference in people's lives. They've (the people) been good enough to tell me how much they rely on my ability to see past the noise in many issues and cut to what's really going on. If I can perform that service, then I shall, and do so to my utmost."

Recent guests on TMI include authors Christopher Ryan (PhD) talking about his groundbreaking book "Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality", and Paul Nevins on his book, "The politics of Selfishness". Other guests include the founder of the political blog "PoliticiansUSA", Valerie Walasek on being arrested at the Capitol for holding a sign on the first floor, and Deborah Carey the Founder and President of the New Glarus Brewing Company on the microbrewing-squashing provision in the Walker budget.

On who Aldous would like to bring on to TMI, he admitted there are, "Too many to list." Aldous never shies away from an inquiry when he's interested in bringing on a guest. As such he said, "Usually a person doesn't seem to stay on my 'would like to interview' list for too long - folks just seem to like to say 'yes' to me." Aldous prefers to have guests live in the studio whenever possible because, "It gives the entire conversation a warmth and rapport that the telephone can sometimes lack."

So why should you tune into TMI with Aldous Tyler? Because, "TMI is the Cure for the Common Media. Whatever is being unreported, under-reported, or just plain distorted is my bread and butter, from a unique perspective all my own, plus guests that might surprise you."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sex at Dawn Co-Author Chrisophter Ryan on TMI with Aldous Tyler

Hobbes (via Locke) has crippled our society with his bleak view of human nature - what if other intellectual descendants of his have confused our sexuality? Christopher Ryan, co-author of New York Times bestseller Sex at Dawn, joined Aldous Tyler on TMI to discuss.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Show Spotlight: The Immaculate Perception (Fri. 9am)

The Immaculate Perception airs Friday mornings at 9am. Host Peter Swanson discusses everything form politics, to television and film,m to Badge and national sports. 

Get to know Peter Swanson
  • Peter is a native Madison-ian and will be a senior in the fall. He is a Communication Arts (TV, radio, and film) major.
  • If Peter could interview three historical figures he would interview stand-up comedian (actor/ social critic) Richard Pryor, the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy, and former Packers linebacker Ray Nitschke.
  • If he could have superpowers he would prefer Jason Bourne's abilities because the, "Dude is a beast."
  • Outside of the station Peter enjoys watching sports, movies, and select television series. "I also enjoy playing pick-up basketball," Peter said, "I have recently gotten into reading novels as well. However, it is tough to beat lounging with friends at any outdoor bar during a summer night in Madison. Very tough to beat." 
Get to know the  Immaculate Perception

Peter likes to keep the show loose by not taking himself too seriously. "I add humor whenever I can," he said. "I want people to listen to my show for two reasons. One, they want something interesting and entertaining to listen to, and two, they want to listen to Peter Swanson. I want to be the personality people turn on the radio or tune in online for."

Recently, indie filmmakers and members of Red Bridge Productions, David Parfitt and Nick Schearer, gues starred on the show. Also WSUM Sports Director Kyle Deckelbaum called in from Washington DC to express his thoughts on former NC State QB Russell Wilson transferring to UW.

If Peter could bring any guest onto his show, however, he would invite Snoop Dog because, "Other than being one ofhte coolest, most widely known celebrities in America, he has a pretty legit radio voice. I know people would listen to my show if Snoop Dog was a guest."

Recent topics covered on the Immaculate Perception include hte poslitical state in Wisconsin, Russell Wilson, the top five films of all time, Barry Alvarez, and Breaking Bad. This is just a sampling, however, of the topics covered on Peter Swanson's show.

"I am also trying to bring on some local musicians. I guess you will have to tune in to find out. If you like to converse on topics such as pop-culture, sports, and/ or local events then you will like the Immaculate Perception."

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Schedule

By clicking on the tabs you may notice that the schedule has been updated to reflect our Summer programming. We're proud to welcome back mainstay shows The Inoculated Mind, Coffee and Cream, Fundamental Pete's Ass-Jammery, Landmine, TMI With Aldus Tyler, and The Thing. As well as new and returning shows Fit for Feats, The Alder Hour and The Immaculate Perception.

Check out the programming tabs for more information on your favorite 91.7fm Talk Shows!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'Coffee and Cream' on the White House Correspondents Dinner

'Coffee and Cream' hosts JP and Samir discuss the White House Correspondents Dinner, Obama's Birth Certificate, WikiLeaks and Donald Trump. Listen in for a good show. 'Coffee and Cream' is live on WSUM Thursdays at Noon.